Love Like He Loves You

So true!

Lessons Learned & Life Loved

If you’re not falling in love every second of every day, you’re not living right.

I used to be the strongest believer in each person having one true soul mate that comes with a perfect happily ever after. I lived by that belief, and almost nothing else mattered to me. But that was until I lost the person I thought I was infinitely, inevitably and irreplaceably in love with.

Since then I’ve learned that you never fall in love the same way twice. And how beautiful is it that we were created to love and to be loved? Why not let love captivate and consume us in every way it touches our lives?

I had to lose my “forever” love to see that love isn’t just in our romantic relationships; it’s everywhere. It’s in the places we visit, the strangers we meet and the friends we connect with. There is…

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